“Working with Tony is a journey that will impact your life and who you are. Tony’s focus is to identify your real goals and what are the real blockers. His approach enables you to resolve these to allow you to move forward healthily.Tony takes time and puts all he has into his work with clients he engages on many levels with you.His book “A Path to Wisdom: How to live a healthy, balanced and peaceful life” and TJS Evolutionary methodology is exceptionally powerful and brings together the best of many western and eastern practices. Throughout the book Tony will challenge and push you to reach for your star.Michael Bell, Global Alliance Manager
“Tony’s coaching methods, tools and style lead you quickly to fine-tuning your values, mission purpose and goals. Rather than coaching through a scripted or pre-programmed path, Tony’s wisdom directs you toward a practice of self reflection and purposeful action. A personal journey like this is no easy ride. Be prepared to be confronted and challenged, be prepared to delve deeply into how you live, how you lead others and to answer questions other people in your life may never ask. In a time where “authentic leadership” has emerged as a corporate imperative or personal mantra, the time invested in reading or experiencing Tony’s wisdom will yield significant returns personally, spiritually and professionally.” Denis Taylor, Managing Director within Financial Services
jellmaz“Tony is an inspired teacher, mentor and a coach who will definitely awaken you to your greatness through being a mirror from which you can see the light within you. He challenged my core beliefs and helped me draw the line and realign my life to my true values. His love, wisdom and energy will open up your heart, switch on your inner light and empower you to live a healthy, balanced and meaningful life.”Jellmaz Dervishi , TV presenter and Journalist at Alsat Tv Macedonia


“Tony’s coaching work has helped me to ground deeper and fly higher. His integration of love, craft, sensitivity and clarity is incredible. His healing work is deeply enlivening and laser like in its focus and impact.”

Stephen Morallee, Artist and Creator of Deetell

“I have had the pleasure to work with Tony on a one to one basis. Having exhausted what I thought to be every avenue in personal development I went to him out of desperation to succeed in business and in my career as a whole. What came out of it was far beyond my wildest expectations. Tony is so much more than a business coach. He is an incredible spiritual life coach. He has taken me on the most remarkable journey in my life and as a result I have been able to destroy my limiting beliefs and start tuning into my intuition to discover where my true passion lies.
It is because of the trusting and open space that Tony creates in our sessions that I have been able to create my amazing business. I honestly do not know where I would be if I had not met Tony. One thing is for sure, I would not be where I am now.Paul Miller, Founder of Move Play Explore


“Tony is a powerful coach and healer. He is the person I go to whenever I need healing. Not only does he heal, he gets quickly to the psychological and spiritual cause of physical ailments.He makes the miraculous seem ordinary.”

Daniel Browne, Performance coach and Best Selling Author

adamfewer“In my sessions with Tony it soon became obvious that I was not speaking with another “individual” as such. I felt no influencing ego or personal agenda around what I should and shouldn’t do. I got massive clarity, but it felt almost like I was speaking to a higher version of “myself”. He would reflect back to me exactly what I needed to hear and at the perfect time for me to both understand and utilise it. Click HERE for video praise.Adam Frewer, Inspired Life Coach and Healer
amanda20 minutes with Tony will change your world. His wisdom, insights and ability to help you fine tune your own life purpose is a powerful ability that he has as a coach and mentor, bringing out your own inner wisdom and help you live your best life.Tony has spent the past year mentoring and coaching me and has helped in removing some of the controlling actions I had put in place to protect myself from deep routed fears, fears that had prevented me from living the life I was meant to lead.This massive shift has enabled me to embrace a new way of loving life, both personally and professionally.Amanda Kennedy, Founder of Clients In Abundance

Tony has that unique combination of grounding and energy that empowers you to question and to act. Those words resonate with me.
Previously, I spent a lot of time in my head overthinking, whether it be as a scientist, worrying about money or wandering about past or future relationships. I’d lost the joy of the present moment and my own self-worth. I’d succumb to my inner fear of being alone.

With Tony, he guided me to look within, to question my mind beliefs and open myself up to seeing my self-worth. I’m still learning, but with his help I am working to a grander vision.

Phil Carvil, Space Physiologist and Fitness Professional

shelleyI chose to work with Tony Selimi early this year. The experience has been profound. Tony has the ability to access my deep unconscious issues and by using his unique methods everything is transformed and reframed in a second. I have gained the clarity to achieve my potential in an unstoppable way. Tony guides me to be an even better coach. Huge thanks and deepest gratitude.Shelley J Whitehead, Relationship and Bereavement Coach